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How to Trade Single Options with the Long Strangle Strategy?

Trading options have become very popular among investors over the years, especially with the introduction of new and more complex methods, like the Long Strangle strategy. This strategy is designed for investors that are expecting a significant move in an underlying asset in either direction. The Long Strangle Strategy involves buying both a Call Option and a Put Option on the same stock, with the same expiration date and different strike prices. In this article, we will explore the steps involved in trading single options with the Long Strangle strategy. Check more on options strategy builder.

Identify an Underlying Asset

The first step is to identify an underlying asset under option strategies that you feel has the potential for significant price movement in the near future. This asset can be an individual stock, an index, or a commodity. It is important to select an asset that you have a good understanding of its historical price movement and fundamentals.

Choose the Right Expiration Date

Once you have identified the underlying asset you want to trade as per option strategies, the next step is to choose the appropriate expiration date for the options that you plan to trade. It’s important to select an expiration date far enough in the future to allow for potential price movement, but not too far that the underlying asset loses its volatility. Check more on options strategy builder.

Select Strike Prices

The next step is to select the strike prices for your Long Strangle strategy. Strike prices should be away from the current market price of the underlying asset to create value in your options. The strike price for the call option should be higher than the current market price, while the strike price for the put option should be lower than the current market price.

Buy the Call and Put

After selecting the underlying asset, expiration date, and strike prices, you can buy both the call and put options as per option strategies. In a long strangle, both the call and put options are purchased simultaneously. An investor would profit if the underlying stock price moves up or down from the strike prices. The profit would be higher if there is greater movement in the stock price. Check more on options strategy builder.

Set Your Profit and Loss Targets

It is crucial to set your profit and loss targets before entering a Long Strangle trade. Market conditions may change unexpectedly, and it is vital to be prepared. Some strategies involve setting a target price for both the call and put options while others focus on shifting the trade as the strike prices move. You should decide which approach works best for you and stick to your set targets. Check more on options strategy builder.

Monitor and Adjust the Trade

Finally, after placing the trade, monitor the underlying asset and the options carefully. Adjustments may be necessary to maximize your potential profit or minimize your losses using options strategy builder. One common adjustment strategy is to close out one of the options while letting the other option remain open, depending on which price direction the underlying asset moves. You may also consider adjusting the strike prices or expiration dates.



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