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5 Amazing and Popular Fence Trends

homeowners update their outside spaces with more modern options; modern fencing styles are gaining popularity. Homeowners seek the newest designs that enhance their properties’ beauty and charm while offering seclusion and security.

Trendy fence styles also shift in tandem with the evolution of home types and the growing popularity of outdoor living. The newest fence styles combine eye-catching design elements with useful options.

Nowadays, homeowners can open themselves to traditional wood picket fences, especially with the abundance of fantastic alternatives available. 


Aluminum Fence with Alternate Spears

Aluminum fencing with alternating spears is another well-liked modern fence design that takes its cues from the traditional picket fence. 

This distinctive, striking modern fence design adds a sleek, latest touch while echoing traditional styling. You’ll also like how long-lasting and low-maintenance this modern house fence design is.

Decorative Fence Ideas: Gabion Wall

A gabion wall is a retaining wire filled with stones, often combined with wood posts or panels for a striking effect. Originating from the Italian word “gabion,” these structures are sturdy outdoor structures made from wire or galvanized steel and filled with various materials, providing numerous benefits for residential and commercial landscapes.


Hanging & Vertical Gardens

Only some have an endless amount of land to create their ideal garden. You can easily create this planter type with just a few materials and a little creativity, making it perfect for saving space.

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Mixed Materials

With so many installations and overall design possibilities, Mixed Material Fencing gives homeowners flexibility and creativity. 

This ornamental line includes spacer blocks to be used with wood infills to form a semi-privacy fence and matte black aluminum framing that can be used with vinyl or wood infill boards that are positioned vertically or horizontally to make a solid privacy fence. 

This simple-to-install solution, available for surface and in-ground installation, can be used as a fence or as individual or group panels for privacy or divider purposes.


Wrought Iron

They need a significant financial outlay, and wrought iron fences are among the most classic and long-lasting solutions. They can be topped with beautiful finials for added detail and range in complexity from plain and simple to elaborate and sophisticated. Hence, they look great around a city brownstone or a country farmhouse. They provide good sightlines throughout your property but only a little privacy or pet containment, making them a better choice for front yards than back ones.

What is meant by a commercial-grade fence?

For light business and upscale residential contexts, aluminum fencing of the commercial grade is recommended. Compared to residential grade systems, it offers more strength, stability, and a less conspicuous appearance than industrial aluminum fencing.

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